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We carry a wide selection of top brands including many state-of-the-art products and materials to help find the perfect solution with you.

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Tego Products
Discover the True Meaning of Customization.
These Featured Products are all Custom-Made In-House:

A truly special, and unique product you will find difficult to find anywhere else in the area – we are proud to present to you our partnership with Canadian Soapstone, and our line of custom soapstone showerbases. Canadian Soapstone is a soapstone production quarry in Quebec. Each base we design are one-of-a-kind slabs and individually cut to fit your space perfectly.

One of its most astonishing qualities is how its smooth surface has such amazing grip wet or dry! This is just one more way we are always considering the best in function and beauty.

We believe style should always be considered – it is highly versatile and will work with many different looks and perfectly complements soapstone tiles and countertops.

This stainless steel showerbase accented with a hardwood shower grill creates a clean, modern, urban-chic look to complement your contemporary bathroom. Its extremely resilient and long-lasting qualities have been proven in busy, high traffic bathroom areas making this a natural fit for commercial spaces, as well.

The first reason you’ll love our patented one-piece, lightweight shower wall system is that it offers the greatest value. It is also our quickest shower wall system to install so you can start enjoying it sooner. (And thanks to its intelligent design and materials, it is the easiest to clean!)

In Tego’s Design Studio, we take the time to custom-make each product following exact specifications with you in mind to ensure each shower is a perfect fit!

And, of course, to complete the full customized experience we offer you an array of hundreds of colours and patterns, so we can create a beautiful, affordable, easy-to-clean shower system you’ll be excited to use!

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Our Muralam panel shower system is our most popular shower system solution and for good reason. It is one of the most durable shower wall products available anywhere. Additionally, it is very easy to clean owing to its smooth surface and very few joints. Made custom to fit any size requirements.

To complete the full customized experience we offer you an array of hundreds of designer colours and patterns so we can create a beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean shower system you’ll be excited to use!

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Bathtubs & Shower Doors & Showerbases

At Tego, the environment is important to us. We believe that using better quality products that last leads to less waste in the future. We proudly offer LED lighting options, aerating taps and multiple flow toilets that improve energy efficiency in the bathroom.

Custom Cabinetry

At Tego we take great pride in providing you with hand-crafted, custom-made cabinetry. Every cabinet that goes out our doors is custom-made to exacting specifications.