Everything Has a Purpose; Here is Tego’s
To use functional design, products, and in-house customization to enhance the practicality and sheer beauty of your new bathroom or kitchen.

Functional vs. Beautiful

Why do people always assume that these attributes are at odds with one another? That by adding to one you take away from the other? At Tego we believe that when something is beautiful it can become even more practical.

Why? Because beautiful things make people happy, joyful, inspired, and we can’t think of anything more practical than time spent feeling these things. It’s our idea of quality time.

A bathroom is more than just the tiles and the shower fixtures – more than the physical. It’s permission. Permission to take a break and refuel. Our bathrooms will help you luxuriate in every spare golden moment you have.

A kitchen is more than just a place to cook: it is a central, important meeting place for the family to talk, bond, eat, argue, relax, laugh, and live. It’s life. Our kitchens will help you live a passionate and enjoyable life.

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It’s All About the Return on Your Investment.

When choosing to renovate a bathroom or kitchen you do it because you’re investing.
You’re investing in your future (perhaps even selling this home for a new one), in your family, and in the enjoyment of your home for years to come. We take your investment seriously.

Here are 10 Reasons to Choose Tego

We Offer Unique Solutions.

We can create beautiful, elegant solutions that are unique to the environment and atmosphere you want to create. We are masters at making use of odd shaped or small spaces, making the most of what you have and transforming it into what you’ve only dreamed of. We are able to achieve these results at a great value by doing much of the work at the back of our showroom in Tego’s Design Studio with the use of high-quality, versatile materials.

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We’re Here For You.

We’ve been trusted by Ottawa for decades. You can rely on our team to take you from concept to completion seamlessly.
We work with you to create your ideal bathroom or kitchen environment.

Yes, we are designers and a design-minded team. However, we are focused on providing value. We didn’t become one of the leaders in the bathroom and kitchen remodeling business by offering unfair pricing. Tego offers you top quality and outstanding craftsmanship at an exceptional value.

Get Inspired

Visit our Design Centre Page, Custom Solutions Page, and Tego Products Page to get inspired and get a glimpse of what we’re truly capable of!

We have highly experienced and skilled craftspeople – who are able to accommodate any request. Come in to speak with a designer this week and get started!