Custom Solutions
What is “Custom,” Exactly?
Custom is all about a personal and unique fit.
We believe that true custom is fitting the raw materials and finished product not only to the room but also to the people who will be experiencing it everyday. It’s about taking the time to figure out how we can best improve the lives of the people who will be living in the spaces we so carefully create. We see it as a privilege, and we treat it as one.


Inside Tego’s Design Studio
Our talented craftspeople work behind-the-scenes of our main showroom in Tego’s Design Studio with our Design Specialists to bring you creations fit for you, directly to you.

We are proud to offer these in-house custom design services to anyone looking for quality that is beyond industry-standard, and design that fits your home or business, needs, and lifestyle. We work with you to create the ideal bathroom or kitchen environment.

Whether for commercial or residential purposes our highly skilled and passionate team is always excited to take on a new custom design project.